We are a family and a community of people like you— made up of children, parents, grandpas, grandmas and great grandmas and great grandpas and also beautiful friends who are family. The special feature of this family is that all its members come from different backgrounds and lineages and made one family in God.


As a family of God, we deeply treasure the customs, the traditions, and above all, the values that make and keep us together as a family. In this family, we value each member and love them dearly and rejoice with them in their achievements and support them in their trials.

In loving every member of the family, we have an unwavering commitment to protect the safety of all people within our programs, ministries and events. All people, regardless of age, gender, race, culture, disability and family or social background have equal rights to this protection. (Please visit our policy statement)





To do this, we’re convinced that we need wisdom, understanding and above all, love beyond our own limited capacities. Our modern day of living has changed so much over the last ten years or so, we find that days, weeks, months and years just pass by. We hardly get a chance to make sense of our living, let alone having time to discover for ourselves the meaning, the value and the gift of our lives.


This is why we have set aside time every week to meet and worship God and learn from his Word, the Bible. In our time of worship and sharing God’s Word, we come to appreciate the life we have in gratitude to God and learn principles for thankful living that work not only on Sundays, but every other day of the week.

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In this family, we cherish and love so dearly those who have brought us to birth in the faith, and stood among us in witness to God's faithfulness to our family through all the phases of life. Featured in the above picture are Marg Jolly and Val Toman who embody for us God's faithfulness to His people over three generations.  Marg and Val have been members of this church family for over 75 years.


We are so much like you that we too struggle with each passing day wanting to find ways to live our lives with a purpose and trying to find the time and energy to fit everything in each week and keep life in balance.

Another source of our strength and joy is the support that we give to each other. Lots of encouragement comes from being with people who genuinely care about each other! Through our worship of God, learning from the Bible, and praying for one another, we have developed a common bond and feel like a band of pilgrims journeying through life together.


In our community we witness that the individuals and families coming to church together are strengthened in their commitment to God and as well as to each other. And, together, every time we meet we find new answers to individual and family needs.


I warmly invite you, you family and friends to come and visit us at church one day and find out for yourselves how you could be welcomed to be a part of this community. Here, you have the opportunity to contribute to worship with your gifts and also support one another in their pilgrimage through life. 

God bless you now and always!