In life, every human being experiences times of difficulty and hardship. This can happen owing to many reasons such as an illness, unemployment, peer pressure, relationship breakdown, substance abuse, loss or a death of a loved one, separation or a divorce and many other such things. When such things happen, we find ourselves despairing without recourse. Most of the time, in such circumstances, family members and friends are unable to provide an objective point of view.


Counselling offers this objective perspective, and helps the person to gain insights and strategies to assist in managing their particular situation. This way, the purpose of all counselling is to help people overcome their problems, find meaning and joy in life, and become healthy and well-adjusted individuals, both mentally and emotionally. These are achieved through offering advice and encouragement, sharing wisdom and skills, setting goals, resolving conflict, etc.


In counselling, in the attempt to resolve an issue in the present, the counsellor usually probe the past to find out whether the problem the person has happened recently or in the distant past such as or during childhood. Sometimes the counsellor explores possible affects of physical and chemical imbalances that can cause physiological problems. In exploring all the possible ways the person can be helped, the counsellor also make assessments whether the person needs other forms of assistance and make necessary referrals.

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Life Direction and Life Purpose Direction Coaching
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While all of the above practices are common in all counselling services, the counselling that is offered in a church setting has additional aspects and special bonuses to it: we offer counselling to help the person to view and understand the situation he or she is not only through the theories of science, psychology, and sociology, but also through  God’s Word as revealed in the Bible.

We also offer the opportunity for the person to receive prayer, the ministry of anointing, reconciliation, the laying on of hands which are explained under Pastoral Care and Services. 


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At different stages of our lives we come to experience that strange feeling of having lost our sense of life direction.


This feeling is experienced by us in many forms such as a loss of self confidence in self, uncertainty what we want to do with life, lack of motivation and a loss of interest in our current roles and activities, regretting the past opportunities that we’d missed, and doubting whether the future would be any good, and resigning to self-pity and cynicism.


Then, in having found a sense of direction in life and being very successful in benefiting from a well-understood direction in life, there comes the experiences of the opposite kind which we confront as we ask the question: what is the purpose of my life?


Most of the time, this question comes to us when we are complacent and satisfied with what we have achieved in life. While the question concerning life direction confronts us in the physical dimension of life, the question concerning life’s purpose meets us in the spiritual dimension of life.

Therefore, this question invites us to value our life beyond the parameters of having a successful life that conforms to the norms that superficially define a “wonderful life”.


The spiritual question of the purpose of life invites us to understand the unique life God has gifted to each of us to live in this world. This is a very different way of understanding life irrespective of whether the life we have does or does not conform to the general understanding of “my wonderful life.”


This question is about discovering greater truths about our life, our unique gifts, exceptional and wired circumstances, and experiences and our specific mission in the world God has placed us.


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