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Hi All and Welcome,

We are currently this looking at The Book of John from the bible. This is a new testament reading and is one of the gospels, this is a all time favorite read for some and a great place to start when reading the bible. 

Join us from home and enjoy the texts with us together and be welcomed to share your views as we work bit by bit through the texts. 

Keep checking for updates as the page develops over the month and the group adds there view points to the page, if you wish to comment or add to the group please contact below and I will add you to the group. 

Additionally i'm looking for readers for the group, if you wanted to support, please contact us.

Enjoy and blessings 


Bible Group

The Book Of John

Bible Reading: 

John I.WAVRead By Oliver Hawkins
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John II.WAVRead By Oliver Hawkins
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