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Our parish is one of the 325 churches in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne within the Province of Victoria, Australia, and members of the world-wide family of over 85 million Anglican Christians living in over 165 countries. 


The Province of Victoria is under the leadership of Archbishop Dr Philip Freier who is also the Primate of all Australia. As members belonging to a very large international family, in Melbourne, where we call home, we live as God’s people. In Archbishop Philip’s own words: “There are many members, but one body, and we are called to proclamation of the Good News in Jesus Christ and to serve in his name. For the body to flourish, each member of the body must do its part.”

Archbishop Philip Freier

Within the diocese we are homed in the Oodthenong Episcopate.  The word Oodthenong is an Aboriginal word which means “gathering.” The Oodthenong Episcope is the gathering of over 70 parishes which are nested within the Northern and Western regions of Melbourne and Geelong. The traditional owners of these regions are the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation who have lived here for over 10,000 years.

As gathered people of God, we have joyfully embraced the challenge which is to love God and humankind as best we can, to keep offering the best pastoral care we can, to make the faith intelligible, to be a holy people.


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